Babolat Yorkshire Doubles League

Babolat Yorkshire Doubles League 2022 Report

We are pleased to announce this year that Babolat has very kindly sponsored the 2022 league; as such, and in recognition of this sponsorship, it has been rebranded the Babolat Yorkshire Doubles League.

I would like to thank all the clubs and the players that took part in the 2022 competition which saw a healthy turnout from clubs throughout Yorkshire, with 16 men’s and 17 ladies’ teams competing across two divisions. In addition, I would like to extend my thanks to James Silson, the LTA Competition Development Partner, who provided invaluable support throughout the season.

Participating clubs continued with four players in the men’s teams and six in the ladies’ teams, which generally appears to have worked well; although, a number of clubs commented that, similar to last year, they still encountered difficulties in finding enough players for every match. Several ladies’ captains have suggested that it might be easier to reduce player numbers to four in the ladies’ teams going forward. In respect of players, I would ask that the captains ensure that they obtain a BTM number for each player, as this will reduce the number of ‘unknowns’ noted in the league table. Additionally, and most importantly, only bonafide members of a club should be playing in the league matches!

I would like to extend my thanks to all the captains who, on the whole, were very proficient at uploading results and arranging or rearranging matches, when necessary, thereby ensuring that the league ran smoothly. Nonetheless, I would comment that there were still several results entered late or omitted and several conceded matches. I did receive some complaints about captains being disorganised with last minute cancellations; please note that according to the rules, two weeks’ notice should be given in the event of a cancellation.

It is disappointing that so many matches in men’s division 2 were conceded or not played – there were 11 matches that weren’t played at all – hopefully, this situation will be resolved next year. As a result of this, rather than relegating two teams from men’s division 1 and promoting two from division 2, only one team will be relegated and one promoted. This decision primarily affects Holmfirth, runners-up in division 2, who wish to remain in that division as they felt that a promotion was unjustifiable, based on the very few matches played.

I would ask that all captains for the home team upload the match results within 48 hours of play and if this is not possible, because of a cancelled or rearranged match or difficulties with the website, they should notify me immediately, so that I am aware of the change. In addition, if the captains could try to add the correct scores and players’ names, where possible, it would be much appreciated. I realise that there have been a number of issues with the software this year – many of the captains complained of difficulties in entering scores and player names.

One last point is in respect of match teas, as there seems to be a disparity between clubs, with some offering sandwiches, teas & coffees and others just offering a biscuit. Please bear in mind that the visiting team may have travelled some distance, so really at a minimum, sandwiches and or cakes should be offered with the teas & coffee.

Congratulations to the winning clubs and runners-up detailed in the table below

Event Winner Runner-up Relegated
Men’s Div 1 Beverley York Tennis Club Huddersfield A
Men’s Div 2 Thongsbridge (Promoted)  Holmfirth  
Women’s Div 1 Huddersfield A David Lloyd Leeds A Wheatley Hill                 Holmfirth
Women’s Div 2 Ilkley Tennis Club (Promoted) Batley ITI (Promoted)  

As mentioned in previous reports, the Competitions Committee continues to discuss ways to improve the Babolat Yorkshire Doubles League with the aim of making it an attractive competition for clubs and players alike; as such, we are always happy to receive your comments.

For further information or to submit an entry, please contact me via mobile (07976 358264) or email

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Heidi Wragg
Babolat Yorkshire Tennis League Organiser (Volunteer)