Role of a Councillor

The Role of a Yorkshire Tennis Councillor

The Yorkshire Tennis (aka the Yorkshire Lawn Tennis Association/YLTA) is a representative organisation which has elected Councillors that control the governance and policy of the organisation. In addition, it may elect Councillors directly due to specific skill requirements.

Yorkshire Tennis is a body that is governed through a set of Rules and nothing in this role description is intended to change the operation of these Rules. The purpose is to lay out the expected requirements of Councillors in their acceptance and performance of the role.

Purpose and Accountability

While representing a District or a set of clubs/registered venues, the Councillor has a duty to represent his/her constituency but has an overriding duty to act in the best interests of the Yorkshire Tennis, its development and tennis in the county. It is expected that anyone who accepts such election/nomination is prepared to take an active part in Yorkshire Tennis’s pursuit of its objectives.

Councillors are encouraged to express their views at Council meetings or other meetings but once a decision is made, they have collective responsibility to support the implementation of the decision.

Councillors will uphold the general policies of the LTA and Yorkshire Tennis such as the Equality and Diversity policies.


The principal aim and duties of a Councillor are:

  1. To engage with the Yorkshire Tennis in Council and other related meetings such as sub-committee meetings.
  2. To be diligent in reading any papers before attending relevant meetings and to inform him/herself of the merits of any proposal by, if necessary, seeking views from his/her constituency or other expert sources.
  3. To set aside the requisite time to attend and prepare for meetings.
  4. To seek views and be a communication channel for their local registered venues. Where necessary act as a source of advice on general policies and programmes or direct club volunteers to the appropriate resources and pages of the relevant websites.
  5. To ensure that their registered venues are aware of both the LTA and Yorkshire Tennis activities and initiatives such as GBTW and the Road To Wimbledon and to encourage their participation in all the events.
  6. To do their utmost to become more involved in committee meetings, competitions or other related activities if they are invited to do so.


The rules of Yorkshire Tennis stipulate that Area representatives may be elected for up to four periods of three years subject to confirmation at the AGM. Further service is defined in Rule 7.4.

Councillors are expected to attend all four Council meetings per year with their attendance being a matter of public record. Should a Councillor be unable to attend a minimum of two Council meetings per year then the President may ask the District to appoint a new Councillor,having taken into account relevant issues such as ill health or work commitments.