A new South Yorkshire Open Tournament on the block

Sheffield & District Annual Tennis Tournament at Hallamshire Tennis Club

Sunday 23rd June to Sunday 30th June 2019-04-23

Sheffield and District are aiming to increase participation of thier tournament this year and have now opened it up to clubs and individuals outside of the South Yorkshire area.

The ‘Open events’ can be entered by anyone from anywhere. The prize money has been substantially increased in order to attract more players. This year the tournament is a Grade 4 however they are hoping to improve this next year.

Handicapped events along with the Men’s 60+ doubles and Women’s 55+ Doubles events are closed entry, these are only available for players to enter who live within a 25 mile radius of Sheffield city centre or are members of a club affiliated to the Sheffield & District Lawn Tennis Association. We are grateful to our 4 sponsors who are Lojix, Deuce UK, Yellow Machinery and Bob Lamb.

You can find the tournament application forms here (under the Tournaments title): https://sdlta.org.uk/downloads/

For more information contact the Tournament referee Kevin Folger on 07880 796225 or Trevor Ward on 07443 540589.