Disability Tennis






British Tennis is pleased to be leading two specific programmes designed to make our sport the most inclusive it can be, we have the Open Court Programme and the Open Your Doors Programme. Within Yorkshire we have three separate Open Court Programmes where we have multiple venues offering tennis to people with different disabilities from a physical impairment to those with a learning disability, we have highlighted their information below:

North Yorkshire Open Court Programme

Main Contact: Nick Dale n.dale@barlbyhighschool.org Description of Programmes: Most of this networks activity runs out of York, with VI tennis sessions (for people who are blind or partially sighted), LD tennis sessions (linked to the Special Olympics) as well as offers around wheelchair tennis and programmes designed to improve people’s mental health.

Programmes and venues who also engage with this programme come from Harrogate and Skipton. If you are interested in playing tennis and you have a disability please do not hesitate to get in touch with Nick Dale on the above email.

South and West Yorkshire Open Court Programme

Main Contact@ Rebecca Gallagher rebecca.gallagher@yorkshiresport.org Description of programmes: This network has 25 venues within it covering Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster, Rotherham as well as Leeds, Kirklees and Bradford. There are VI sessions, LD tennis sessions, deaf tennis sessions and wheelchair tennis sessions throughout the major Cities within this programme.

If you are interested in playing tennis and you have a disability please do not hesitate to get in tough with Rebecca Gallagher mon the above contacts.

Open Your Doors Programme

Main Contact: Matt Elkington, 07961 267 607 or matthew.elkington@tennisfoundation.org.uk               

Description of Programme: This programme has been designed to help LTA Registered clubs and venues understand what they can do to make their facility more friendly and inclusive and help more disabled people within their local community access tennis on their facility. This 3 hour off-court workshop content workshop content includes; accessibility, terminology, reasonable adjustment as well as understanding what support and resources are available to you as a registered venue through British Tennis.

If you are interested in attending an Open Your Doors workshop please get in touch with Matt Elkington on the contact details above or alternatively search for a course local to you on  the LTA courses pages.







Toyota Parasport Fund 

The Toyota Parasport Fund has invested more than £390,000 in clubs and activity providers. Toyota Parasport Fund commits to boost community disability sport – Toyota UK Magazine