Q How does my Club become an Associate Member for free?
A If you wish to be an Associate Member for free, please complete the application form here.

Q What are the benefits of being an Associate Member?
A There are many benefits of being an Associate Member including:
Access to our network of experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic volunteers. These volunteers can provide Clubs with advice, support, and guidance on a range of issues such as:
– Safeguarding
– Club development
– Coach development
– County performance and County competitions including eligibility to compete in County Training,       – County Teams and the Yorkshire Doubles League
– Club forums and webinars to share ideas and practices so that Clubs can achieve your potential
– Help and advice with LTA registration for your Club
– Attendance at our AGM with the opportunity to help shape Yorkshire Tennis and Padel
– Access to Interest-Free Loans of up to £25,000 and, subject to availability, small grants to aid Club development and inclusion
– Access to information, advice and news on various aspects of tennis and padel in the County’s communications channels, plus the opportunity to appear in them. These include the Yorkshire Tennis’ website, social media channels, Annual Review and our newsletter, Tramlines
– Opportunity to attend the new but planned-to-be annual Yorkshire Day at the Ilkley Trophy tournament
– Possibility to purchase discounted tennis balls as part of the county ball scheme. And, while some counties intend to charge for this, in Yorkshire we have decided all of this will be for FREE.

Q What are the obligations of becoming an Associate Member?
A To become an Associate Member, each club agrees to be bound by and subject to the Rules  and Articles of Association of Yorkshire Tennis Limited which includes a commitment to:
– Be bound by the LTA Rules, Disciplinary Code and Code of Conduct
– Meet and adhere to LTA minimum safeguarding standards
– Promote inclusion and diversity in line with LTA policy.
– In the case of a tennis or padel club, the club must be based in Yorkshire, be registered with the LTA and, as far as is practical, ensure that the club members, coaches and players comply with the above requirements.

Q What if a Club no longer wishes to be an Associate Member?
A Clubs can opt out of being Associate Members at any time by simply giving written notification to Yorkshire Tennis Limited. If a Club does opt out they will no longer be eligible to receive the benefits of membership.

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