ITF World Tennis Number

Following the comprehensive competition review undertaken in 2018, the LTA have implemented a series of improvements to make competitions more relevant, accessible, welcoming and enjoyable for everyone involved. The next of these, and one of the priority improvements the tennis community wanted to see, is the introduction of the ITF World Tennis Number – a new, inclusive and modern rating system for all players in Britain which will launch in Spring 2021.

The LTA has played a leading role working with the ITF and other Grand Slam nations to develop the ITF World Tennis Number, which will support and engage players of all abilities, but particularly those at the recreational end of the game. It is being adopted by national associations around the globe, with Great Britain among the first nations in the world to introduce it.

How will the ITF World Tennis Number work?

– The ITF World Tennis Number will operate with one simple scale for all players, regardless of age or gender, from recreational grassroots players to professionals at the top of their game

– For the first time ever, the ratings system will include doubles – with players having a separate Number for both singles and doubles

– It will be a much more accurate and dynamic system, calculating set scores and updating each week to provide a ‘real time’ rating that can be trusted and relied upon

– It will be easier than ever to find an evenly-matched opponent wherever you are in the country – each player will have a personalised ITF World Tennis Number ‘Game zONe’ to help identify opponents of a similar level

– Access to the ITF World Tennis Number is a key benefit of LTA Advantage

Please note, the ITF World Tennis Number will have no connection to a player’s current LTA rating – it will be a completely new rating calculated specifically for you based on match results.

Why is the ITF World Tennis Number being introduced?

Developing and introducing the ITF World Tennis Number is part of what the LTA is doing to help grow the sport by addressing one of the key barriers to participation of finding someone of a similar ability to play with and compete against.

The ITF World Tennis Number will replace the LTA’s current ratings system, which was identified as a priority area to improve during the LTA’s Competition Review by coaches, referees, players and parents. Competitions which currently use the LTA Rating for player acceptances will therefore from Spring 2021 use the ITF World Tennis Number.

It is part of a series of improvements they have made to competitions following the thorough review and consultation exercise with players, parents, coaches and officials. Over the past 18 months we have:

· Simplified our competition age group system based on the calendar year which went live in April 2020, supported by a new look national calendar

· Launched a new competition management system to find and enter competitions which we will continue to develop and enhance to provide the best possible user experience – read more about planned enhancements

· Introduced a new winter version of the LTA National League providing more team competition opportunities for junior players

· Launched LTA Youth Matchplays to support players new to competition to start competing complemented by LTA Youth Compete Rewards which replaces mini tennis ratings.

You can read more details about the new ITF World Tennis Number and how the ratings system will work on the LTA website by clicking here.

Book a Webinar

To help Counties better understand the ITF World Tennis Number, we are also running a dedicated webinar for Councillors, Chairs and County Administrators which will take place on Monday 25 January between 12-1pm.

– ITF World Tennis Number County Webinar – Please click HERE to register your place

Please note that, in addition to this bespoke County webinar, we are running a separate webinar session for League Organisers (we will contact these directly), as well as a series of webinars for venues, coaches and officials with details included in the email we send them later today, as well as on the LTA website here.



The ITF World Tennis Number forms part of our new membership offer, LTA Advantage, and we’re very excited to give you a sneak peek of it ahead of its launch.

Advantage brings a range of benefits for everyone interested in tennis, padel, or both. Whether you’re a Fan, Player or Competitor, Advantage will help you get closer to the sport you love.

Here’s some key information to whet the appetite:

Advantage is for everyone. Whether you’re young or old, armchair fan or seasoned event goer, just starting out or serious competitor, there’s an option for all

– Members will be able to enjoy tailored benefits including exclusive content and discounts from our partners and sponsors

– For the first time players can keep track of their results in their own custom-built player’s area called ‘My Game’

– The ITF World Tennis Number will be a key benefit to members in the Play, Play+ and Compete tiers of LTA Advantage membership

– Members of an eligible LTA Registered Venue will continue to have access to the LTA Advantage Wimbledon Ballot

We are asking all venues to ensure their venue details are up to date in the Venue Registration Portal as this information will be visible within Advantage using the ‘find a court’ tool.

We’ll email all members of qualifying LTA Registered Venues about Advantage when we launch so that everyone can log in and enjoy.

Full details and FAQs will be emailed to everyone and published on the LTA website soon.


Above information supplied by the LTA