Latest LTA webinars to help your venue/s

Latest LTA Webinars to help your venue

The LTA have added some additional LTA webinars to the calendar in March and April to include World Tennis Number, Facilities, Padel and Opening up your Courts – managing Pay and Play and Membership. They are all now available on the LTA website We recommend you keep checking this page for new events and also for links to previous information you may find helpful and useful.

There is also archived content including the recent Covid-19 Financial support webinar that ran recently and other webinars run last year on topics like Attracting members and Financial sustainability, will also be added to the website ASAP.

Upcoming Dates and information

Opening Up Your Courts to Pay and Play as well as membership – Despite the challenges posed by Covid-19 in 2020, one of the great success stories for many clubs has been the introduction of Pay & Play; allowing members of the public to book and pay for a court on-line, generating hundreds of bookings, increased revenue and seen membership growth. This session will focus on how your venue can easily introduce Pay & Play and attract new people to your club.

March 23rd, 2021 18:30 PM

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Mar 24, 2021 10:00 AM

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7th April @ 12 noon – Quick Access Loans Webinar

The webinar will cover the LTAs Quick Access Loan scheme. Including priorities for investment, funding criteria and the application and assessment process. Click here to register

20th April @ 12.30 – Floodlighting courts

The LTA Property Team will talk through the costs and options for floodlighting courts, how to approach your project and planning advice. Click here to register

23rd April @ 11am – Advice on court surfaces

The webinar will provide guidance on court surfaces with a focus on Artificial Clay and Artificial Grass. Click here to register

World Tennis Number – The LTA is introducing the ITF World Tennis Number – a brand new, inclusive and modern rating system for all players in Britain which will replace the LTA Rating System in Spring 2021. Sign up to a webinar and let us introduce you to the ITF World Tennis Number, providing further detail around the principles and the practicalities of how the number can be introduced and used at your venue.

Thursday 1 April @ 11:00am –
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Tuesday 6 April @ 11:00am –
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Friday 9 April @ 10:00am –
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Padel – Creating a Development Plan – Hosted by Tom Murray Head of Padel on how to develop Padel at your venue

Thursday 11 March @ 10:00am –
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Thursday 15 April @ 15:00pm –
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FYI – RE booking onto webinars

For any County Volunteer/Admin role wanting to book onto a webinar, if the session asks for a venue or coach code (and you don’t have one for the club you are a member of) then please use the first 3 letters of your county.

We look forward to seeing you at some of the upcoming webinars as we prepare for a return to tennis this Spring.