Monthly Match Plays at Graves Health & Sports Club

On the back of Graves Health & Sports Centre being awarded Community Club of the Year and Sam Salt receiving Coach of the Year at the recent Yorkshire LTA awards, Graves Tennis Tournaments continue to build on a successful past 12 months where entry levels have attracted over 1000 players over a variety of events for differing ages, genders and abilities.

Within the club programme, internal events used to build player development, confidence and learning the competitive side of Tennis is reaping rewards as more and more new and returning players enjoy the fun and educational aspect of first competitive Tennis experiences.
Graves see this as a clear pathway for all players from a coaching lesson-internal tournaments-external tournaments and many now compete in Mini Tennis external match plays that are hosted once a month for Red, Orange and Green players welcoming players from the centre, city, county and beyond each month with Mini Orange especially popular, attracting on average 18-20 players to each Grade 6 match play event.


The match play opportunities don’t stop there as regular ratings match play events for both juniors and adults are proving equally as popular with a recent weekend attracting 54 entrants.
All junior and adult ratings events offer a minimum of two ratings matches against the same rated player with a ratings event for each category taking part on average every 6-7 weeks from 3.1 to 10.2 rated players.

Beyond the internal and match play events, Graves continue to organise and run a range of higher graded events from Grade 5 county level, to their regular Winter British Tour event, attracting some of the best aspiring players across the country.


One main reason for Graves Health & Sports Centre proving to be a popular Tennis destination is due to it’s fantastic playing and viewing facilities with 8 indoor courts being overlooked by a viewing balcony for parents, friends and family to view and enjoy with a further 8 outdoor courts available.
As well as the facility getting good reviews, parent’s feedback comments include how well organised, fun, friendly, hands-on, educational and timely events are with a nice relaxed and constructive atmosphere.

Along with all these fantastic opportunities offered by Graves and given to Tennis players across the country they also support the Sheffield & District LTA and the next generation of players by hosting and running Mini Tennis leagues, assisting local Tennis leagues, running Club Team Challenge events and have a number of teams entered in the Sheffield, Yorkshire and Premier Tennis leagues from players within our LPDC (Local Player Development Centre) groups and below.

If you would like to get involved with the wide range of events at Graves whatever your age and ability, please e-mail Graves Tennis Tournaments Co-ordinator Steve for more information.

You can enter online now for future events via

Come and join the action!