Volunteer Week Day 3 – Steve Jones

Steve Jones

Chairman, Wetherby Castlegarth Tennis Club (WCTC)
People play tennis for many reasons. All Club members would like access to great facilities, on a fair basis and at a competitive cost to other leisure activities they may consider. Alongside our Club committee, my role as Chairman is to strive to meet these needs as effectively as possible.
On the Committee’s behalf, I present the club’s focus for the year ahead at an AGM, and once debated, agreed and approved, work hard to deliver the outcome. Of course, floods and pandemics can disrupt these plans, and amending the planned course has been required recently.
As a volunteer run Club, I am not able to direct any individual’s activity, and things only happen by the consent and discretionary effort of the Club’s committee team.  It is a rewarding to be involved with such capable and committed individuals who work to provide great facilities for our members to enjoy.