Chapel Allerton’s Padel Courts Open Day

On Saturday 26th August, Chapel Allerton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club opened its newest facility: two padel courts covered by a canopy.

To celebrate the day, the club hosted a Padel Opening Day with festivities through the afternoon and into the evening, throughout the day an estimated 200 people came to the club to enjoy the day.

The festivities began at 2pm with the official opening of the courts, done by Eddy Stallworthy (General Manager) and Scott Wilson (Club Chairman) who both made speeches and then cut the ribbon to open the courts.

After this, the first games on the courts were two Exhibition Matches, a Men’s and Ladies’ Doubles. The Ladies’ Doubles was Ladies GB Seniors (Rosie Connell, Nicky Horn, Sally Bickerton, and Marie Christina Balatsouka). For the Men’s Doubles, we had two of our future coaches (Charlie Swallow and Jake Fox) as well as Padel Pros (Javi Serrats and Alberto Crespo).

Following the exhibition matches, members had their first opportunity to get on the brand-new courts, for the rest of the day, we hosted a range of coaching clinics, and free play sessions. People were enjoying the new courts so much that they were still playing at 10pm!

It was fantastic to see so many members, and their friends come along to see this milestone in Chapel A history. We are now hosting a range of taster sessions for members to give padel a go and are offering a 3-month padel membership for £75.

(please note all photos attached were done by @b.utter_f1lm)

– Rachel Miller (Head of Reception and Marketing at Chapel Allerton Lawn Tennis & Squash Club