Vacancy – Yorkshire Tennis Volunteer Website Content Management System (CMS) Lead

Yorkshire Tennis (YT) and its former organisational structure, the Yorkshire Lawn Tennis Association, has existed since 1884 to promote the playing of tennis across the county as well as fielding county teams in nation competitions across many age groups. As a result, a cohort of players and administrators have given outstanding service to the county which needs to be recognised and accessible to present and future generations. YT is in the process of establishing a YT Hall of Fame and intends to use its website as its primary focus to display the rich history of Yorkshire Tennis’s players, administrators, tournaments and clubs.

We have a team of dedicated volunteers sourcing stories, pictures, interviews and other archive collateral, however an individual is needed to manage the digital creation, formatting and inputting them through a Content Management System (CMS) onto to the website in a modern and attractive way.

YT is looking for an individual who has the necessary skills and interests to assist YT with selecting a suitable CMS, design and operability of the YT Hall of Fame section of the Yorkshire Tennis , such that an appointed non-expert person can be trained to keep this section of up to date with fresh content.

If you feel you are in a position to support this activity, please forward your details and background experience to John Crowther @