Rackets Cubed make a mark at Pelican Park with Paul Jubb

Rackets Cubed have been building their base over the last 4 years from Roehampton. They are a UK Registered Charity that deliver Tennis, Squash, Education (Maths) and nutritional meals to inner-city children. They are currently in 6 cities, have 11 hosting sites, run 16 programmes and help approximately 400 children in areas of high disadvantage every week of the school year. For more information about Rackets Cubed please visit their website at www.racketscubed.com

A little closer to home Rackets Cubed have recently teamed together with Pelican Park in Hull and through these trying times have been able to deliver community boxes to local school children in Hull with help and support of Paul Jubb. We are hoping as a County that this will develop significantly and that more children in Yorkshire will be able to have access to a racket sport, further maths education and nutritional meals.

We look forward to hearing of more success stories from Rackets Cubed here in Yorkshire.